Dynamic Position Tagline System (DP)

The fully automated HARCO DP Tagline System is designed to handle both light and heavy loads On- and Offshore. The system is controlled by our patented software, developed by our key experts, with hands-on experience, and operated by our custom radio controller. This enables simple and intuitive operation of complex tasks – mitigating the risk of operator failures.

It is tested, approved, and ready for operation.

The system is offered in the following standard capacities:
Standard units: 20kN, 30kN, 50kN, 75kN, 80kN, 150kN, 200kN, 300kN, 450kN
Rental units available: 30kN, 45kN, 50kN, 80kN

We can also develop a similar system to fit your specific needs, and is offered both as rental and a buy option.

Can be used both on- and offshore for:
· Blade installation
· Taglines for main component exchange
· Taglines for rotor lift
· Nacelle installation
· Turbine installation
· Orientation of tower during installation
· Orientation of TP and monopile during installation
· Floating installation operations
· Construction of buildings (during lifts)
· Suspended load orientation control within all industries

Watch video from Site acceptance test >
Watch Wind turbine installation method >

Contact us at info@harco.dk or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.

Technical Specifications

· Fully electrical units · Failsafe brake system on both units. · Proven technology · Minimum daily maintenance required · CE-Marked · Dyneema or Steel wire operation · Std. Winch speed
· 10 meter / min @ full load
· 20 meter / min @ 50% load
· Dynamic adjustable brake
· 400VAC 50/60Hz supply

Radio Control and HMI

· The Traverse system is remote controlled by radio
· Radio frequency 436mhz
· Receiver system with connectivity feedback (4 recievers)
· Control System Monitoring and Parameter adjustments are available by HMI

HMI features

Rugged HMI by WIFI for Super Users
· Full control system monitoring
· Parameter adjustment
· Advanced troubleshooting
· Direct Online remote support (Add-on OPTION)
Radio Equipped With:
· Full color info display
· Joystick Left + Right (XY)
· EMG Stop
· Start / Stop / Reset Traverse Button
· Manual / Auto Tag Line