20kN DP Tagline System

The fully automated HARCO DP Tagline System is designed to handle both light and heavy loads On- and Offshore.
The system is controlled by our patented software, developed by our key experts, with hands-on experience, and operated by our custom radio controller.
This enables simple and intuitive operation of complex tasks – mitigating the risk of operator failures.

Can be used both on- and offshore for:
· Taglines for main component exchange
· Taglines for rotor lift
· Orientation of tower during loadout
· Construction of buildings (during lifts)
· Suspended load orientation control within all industries


Manual mode
Manual mode is available by joystick.

Dynamic Position Mode (Auto)
In auto mode, both Winches consequently maintain the position reference ensuring a stable non-rotation load.
Technical specifications:
· Fully electrical units
· Failsafe brake system (electromagnetic DC brakes)
· Proven technology
· Minimum daily maintenance required
· CE-marked
· Self-contained Steel frame
· Incl. level wind for optimized wire spooling
· Weight: 720 kg pr. winch
· Winch speed: 18meter / min - Full load 22meter / min - 70% load
· Winch motor: 5,5KW AC asynchronous motor 3x400/440 VAC @ 50/60HZ IP 56
· IP 56 switchboard