Hybrid MCE Lifting Kit

Our Hybrid MCE Lifting Kit is designed for handling a variety of different main components, from 2,3MW, 3,6MW and 4,0MW SGRE Turbines.

The hybrid MCE Lifting Kit is compatible with the following components:
· SGRE 2,3MW – Generator
· SGRE 2,3MW – Gearbox
· SGRE 3,6MW – Generator
· SGRE 3,6MW – Gearbox
· SGRE 4,0MW – Generator
· SGRE 4,0MW Gearbox

The yoke consists of 12 pieces, which makes it possible to build a yoke suitable for a variety of different main components.

The Hybrid MCE Lifting Kit consist of all parts needed to do the exchange including:
· 12 pieces for the yoke
· Slings
· Shackles
· Chains
· HARCO Lifting Interfaces

With the special setup for each type of main component, the setup will align the component in the right angle for easy alignment of components.

Contact us at info@harco.dk or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.