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HARCO Dynamic Traverse System

Fully Automated Traverse System

Integrated Tagline System
- Steel wire Operation
- Max. Capacity 75kN @ 22m/min
Integrated Guidewire System
- Steel Wire operation
- Max. Capacity 300kN @ 6m/min
- Max. Brake Force = 300kN x 1,33 = 399kN
Redundant Radio Controller and Human Interface by WIFI


- Top Fixing or Top Traverse OPTION
- Extendable Top Traverse OPTION
- 30kN Stabilizer winches @ 22m/min OPTION
- Spare part container OPTION
- Transport and Storage container with transport cradles OPTION


Cadeler chooses HARCO Heavy Lifting as supplier of new traverse system for WIND ORCA.
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Plug and Play Traverse units

· Compact and modular fully electrical units
· Failsafe brake system on Tag wire units.
· Fail safe brake system on Guide wire units
· Simple and known technology
· Self contained steel frame
· Integrated Lifting points
· 4 x Identical motors for reduced spare part items
· Prepared for generic boom interface
· Minimum daily maintenance required
· CE-Marked


· Automated grease system
· Failsafe double-level brake system on Tag wire units
· Service platforms for accessibility

Designed for 20’ Container Transport and storage

·Easy mobilization and transportation
·Detachable Guide Wire Units
·Reduced transportation cost
·Reduced mobilization time


·Transport and storage Container with de-humidifier
·Tag-wire and Guide wire winch cradles with integrated forklift pockets
·Guide wire units can be utilized as stand-alone 30mT Auxiliary winches
HARCO Dynamic Traverse System

Radio Control and HMI

The Traverse system is remote controlled by radio

Radio frequency is determined from site screening (436mhz, 869mhz or 915mhz)

Redundant receiver system with connectivity feedback (4 antennas)

Control System Monitoring and Parameter adjustments are available by HMI
Radio Equipped With:
· Joystick Left + Right
· EMG Stop
· Start / Stop / Reset Traverse Button
· Manual / Auto Tag-Wire
· Manual / Auto Guide Wire
· Manual / Auto Stabilizer

HMI features

Rugged HMI by WIFI for Super Users
· Full control system monitoring
· Parameter adjustment
· Advanced troubleshooting
· Exploded GA drawings, Electrical Drawings and item list availability (Add-on OPTION)
· Direct Online remote support (Add-on OPTION)

Top Traverse – Extendable OPTION

· Optimized design for minimum weight.
· Guide and wires attached in top-fixing
· Electrically actuated
· Detachable boom interface
· Automatic fail-safe lock system
· Automated grease system

Stabilizer units – OPTIONAL

· Dyneema Rope operation (Single Line)
· Vertical Stabilizer/Tag-wire units
· Max Capacity = 30kN
· Max Speed = 22m/sek
· Tension Control 0- 30kN


· Service Platforms
· Automated Grease System

Software upgrades:
- Stabilizer winches can be utilized as stand-alone 30kN Tag Wire winches
- Stabilizer winches can be utilized as stand-alone 30kN Auxiliary winches

Pedestal Mounted OPTION

· Optimized Mobilization time
· Easy service and maintenance access = Less down time
· Optimized troubleshooting and diagnostics availability
· Optimum and safe repair and component exchange procedure
· No excess load on crane boom
· No need for service platforms
· No need for external cherry pickers
HARCO Dynamic Traverse System
Future WTG Compliance - Capacity check.
HARCO 16meter C-Yoke considered in illustration.
The system is fully compatible to handle a variety of different turbine platforms.
· VESTAS V117 – 4.3MW Compliant
· VESTAS V164 – 9.5MW Compliant
· VESTAS V174 – 9.5MW Compliant
· VESTAS V164 – 10.0MW Compliant
· SWT 6.0MW – 154 Compliant
· SWT 7.0MW – 154 Compliant
· SG 8.0MW – 167DD Compliant
· SG 11.0MW – 200DD Compliant
· SG 14.0MW – 222DD Compliant
· GE Haliade-150 - 6.0MW
· GE Haliade-X – 12.0MW
· GE Haliade-X – 13.0MW
· GE Haliade-X – 14.0MW

Mobilization and installation Services

HARCO provides turn-key Traverse Services · Project Management
· Lifting plan Elaboration
· Equipment Mobilization
· Equipment hand-over test
· Equipment operation
· Equipment inspection after first load-out

Operation and Service

· 24/7 – Hotline support
· Equipment Specialists for troubleshooting
· Equipment SuperUsers
· Equipment Service and certification
· Equipment Spare Parts and repair
· Equipment Storage
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