Independent Tagline System (Maverick)

MAVERICK is a flexible solution for both On- and off-shore tagline handling. The Maverick system is designed for all kinds of onshore lifting operations, enhancing Safety, Quality and Efficiency

The Maverick system consists of two units, either stationary or maneuverable depending on preferences. The maneuverable units includes an adaptive safety system that allows maneuverability during operations ensuring operational stability and efficiency in all scenarios.

· Compliant for all types of lifting operations
· Installation
· Main Component Exchange
· Dismantling

· Increased Flexibility
· Moveable in all kinds of terrain with caterpillar track system
· Compliant with all WTG platforms
· Save time and money
· Can be used as power supply due to integrated distribution
board with different outlet sockets.

· Safe and efficient tagline handling
· No manual tagline handling
· No uncontrolled handling of taglines
· Only one person needed for operation

The system is controlled by our patented software, developed by key experts, with hands on experience.

We offer the system both as rental on short-term and long-term, and as a buy option. If rental or leasing is chosen, a minimum of one HARCO Equipment specialist is required, and as buy option HARCO Equipment specialists are an option.

Contact us at or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.

Technical Specifications

· Self propelled with caterpillar track system
· Electrical winches
· Integrated diesel generator
· Dyneema rope operation
· CE-Marked
· 11 hours operation @ full load
· Designed for transport in 20 foot container for easy storage and mobilization
· Proven mechanical technology
· Dynamic adjustable brake

Radio specs

· The Units are remote controlled by radio
· Radio frequency - 436mhz
· Receiver system with connectivity feedback (4 recievers)
· Control System Monitoring and Parameter adjustments are available by HMI
Radio Equipped With:
· Joystick Left + Right (XY)
· EMG Stop
· Start / Stop / Reset Traverse Button
· Manual / Auto Tag-Wire

HMI features

Rugged HMI by WIFI for Super Users
· Full control system monitoring
· Parameter adjustment
· Advanced troubleshooting
· Direct Online remote support (Add-on OPTION)
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