Rotational Guide System

The rotational guide system consists of a set of 3 guide bumpers, 1 camera boom and 2 double pins for flange alignment.
The system can be used for installation of all types of flange connections, without having personnel below suspended loads both on-shore and off-shore.
The system is developed and designed by our key experts, with hands-on experience.
With the camera boom, the installation of a flange connected load can be monitored from distance on a regular PC with the necessary software.

Can be used for:
· Installation of TP on MP
· Installation of wind turbine tower on TP
· Assembly of wind turbine tower sections on pre-assembly
· Installation of on-shore wind turbine tower sections
· Installation of flanged nacelle to WTG tower

Guide bumpers specification
· Adjustable capacity from 1mT to 3mT
· Weak link bolt for overload safety release
· Lifting point for handling and installation
· Polymer pads for monopile protection
· Excentric locking pin to lock bumper in place

Camera boom specification:

· Foldable aluminum camera stand
· Inserted in TP flage holes
· Fisheye camera for flange alignment overview
· 4 Focus cameras for detailed pin and bumper views
· Height adjustable mount for focus cameras