Tool containers

We offer a variety of different tool containers for different tasks.

It can be offered in different sizes, and will be fitted with:
· 400VAC input
· Switchboard and breaker
· 230VAC output sockets
· Light fixture
· Solid work desk with clamp
· Shelves
· Eventual other requirements ore desires can also be added.

The containers are designed and built for the purpose, to make the best possible solution.

We offer containers for:
· Main Component Exchange
· Installation of turbines
· Service on turbines
· Troubleshooting
· Special situations depending on requirements

The tool containers are easy to transport, and can be placed on Jack Up vessels, floating DP vessels, ships, onshore sites or wherever needed.

We also offer storage of the HARCO containers.

Contact us at or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.