HARCO Wingman C-Yoke

Our HARCO Wingman C-Yoke is a hybrid yoke, suitable for a variety of different turbine types, resulting in a more sustainable yoke, compared to other yokes which is usually built for just a few turbine types.

We offer different replaceable interfaces for the yoke, enabling it to handle a variety of blades from SGRE blades, Vestas blades, Senvion blades etc. The interfaces can be designed upon request and is easy to replace.

Examples of interfaces for blade types to be compatible with just one yoke:
· SGRE: B45, B52, B53, B58, B63 (B81, B94 etc. possible with larger yoke)
· Vestas: V80, V90, V112 (V164, V174, V236 etc. Possible with larger yoke)
· Senvion: LM 61,5 P2

HARCO Wingman C-Yoke is fully electrically driven, which means NO oil suspended over water.

The yoke can be built in different sizes to fit your specific needs.
Ex. WLL= 25mT, WLL= 35mT

We offer the system both as rental on short-term, as leasing on long-term, and as a buy option. If rental or leasing is chosen, a minimum of one HARCO Equipment specialist is required, and as a buy option HARCO Equipment specialists are an option.

Contact us at info@harco.dk or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.
HARCO Wingman C-Yoke

Technical specifications

· Installation wind speed: min. 14 m/s 10min mean
· Installation angle (pitch): +- 2,5°
· Surface pressure: 0-15 mT
· Emergency system for releasing blades
· Electrical actuators on all moving parts
· COG camera and interface camera
· Tilt: +- 2,5° (OPTION)
· DNV design verification (OPTION)
· Redundant receiver system (OPTION)
· Date logger (OPTION)

Control system

The Units are remote controlled by radio
1 main radio with 8 control buttons + safety button and emergency stop
1 emergency radio with 6 control buttons + emergency stop.
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