RENTAL – 4.5mT Dynamic Position Tagline System (DP)

Our powerful 4,5 mT Tagline Winches are designed for handling heavy loads both off-shore and on-shore. The system is perfect for smaller jobs, like main component exchanges and smaller installation projects, where a tagline system is needed.

The system is controlled by our patented software, developed by our key experts, with hands on experience.

It is tested and approved, and ready for operation.

This system is offered as rental and must be rented with minimum one of our equipment specialists for mobilizing, operating, and maintaining the equipment.

We can also develop a similar system to fit your specific needs, and is offered both as rental and a buy option.

Can be used both on- and offshore for:
· Blade installation
· Taglines for main shaft exchange
· Taglines for rotor lift
· Nacelle installation
· Turbine installation
· Orientation of tower during installation
· Orientation of TP and monopile during installation
· Construction of buildings (during lifts)
· Suspended load orientation control within all industries

Watch video from Site acceptance test >
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Contact us at or at +45 4070 9760 in case you want to hear more about the system.

Technical Specifications

· Fully electrical units
· Failsafe brake system on both units.
· Proven mechanical technology
· Minimum daily maintenance required
· CE-Marked
· Fitted with 300m Ø12mm dyneema rope MBL 12,6 mT (SF = 3x SWL)
· Winch speed
· 10 meter / min @ full load
· 20 meter / min @ 50% load
· Dynamic adjustable brake
· 11 kW 400VAC motor for winch drive

Radio Control and HMI

· The Traverse system is remote controlled by radio
· Radio frequency 436mhz
· Receiver system with connectivity feedback (4 recievers)
· Control System Monitoring and Parameter adjustments are available by HMI
Radio Equipped With:
· Full color info display
· Joystick Left + Right (XY)
· EMG Stop
· Start / Stop / Reset Traverse Button
· Manual / Auto Tag Line

HMI features

Rugged HMI by WIFI for Super Users
· Full control system monitoring
· Parameter adjustment
· Advanced troubleshooting
· Direct Online remote support (Add-on OPTION)
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