Are you fascinated by lifting operations and state-of-the-art technical solutions?

Then we have a unique opportunity for you to learn more about HARCO’s expertise with suspended loads, both onshore and offshore, including floating operations. 

Join us as we demonstrate our advanced equipment. Experience an exclusive preview of our full-scale test setups and be a part of a world premiere, as we reveal and launch two new systems.

This is an event you don’t want to miss!


Open breakfast from 8.45-9.15

Welcome to HARCO & HSEQ
We will warmly welcome you to HARCO and go through HSEQ and the program for the day.

Reveal of our Active Compensating Tagline System
Why not start with a brand-new world premiere? Our Active Compensating Tagline System is ready to see the world. And you will be the first to experience it.

We are going onshore
That’s right. We no longer only operate offshore. With our new 20kN system, we now go onshore. Have a look at our smaller – but still very powerful – tagline winches. We’ll tell you all about, why and how they are perfect for smaller installations, main component exchanges, onshore installations, and so on.


Full-scale test setup with crane
Let’s see it all in action. With our 80kN DP system and a huge crane we will demonstrate our advanced equipment.

Demonstration of new Test Center
We have built a complete test center, and it’s not just because it’s awesome to lift a WTG Blade. But with our new test center, we can train our operators to be the best in the world. See for yourself and have a try.

Mission Equipment on-demand
We know that sometimes the best solution is renting our applications and our skilled operators. That’s why we now have made it possible to rent. And we will tell you all about the benefits of it.

Keynote speaker and debate
Let’s end the day with a look into the future. With a keynote speaker in front, we will discuss market trends and the challenges and opportunities in this high demand market. How can industry partners add value? And how do we solve the challenge of controlling increasingly heavy and dynamic lifting operations? Let’s bring up all questions and perspectives and have an interesting debate.

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